Perspective; It Makes All the Difference!

It’s true…and I continue to prove it to myself at least a few times a week. The perspective that we have on just about everything can make the difference between something being very good or very bad. Let me explain; I don’t always know how it works but I can get my mind stirred up about something, begin worrying about it and in just a short time be all ‘down in the mouth’ about it. I’ll sometimes fret and agonize over it before going to bed and not be able to go to sleep. I might even wake up, or even worse get up, during the night and worry about it ’til I just can’t stay awake any longer. And then, only, to wake up the next morning and be amazed at why I would worry about something so trivial as that! Just doesn’t make sense sometimes!

Well, it’s all about perspective. How I (we) see things is filtered through the ‘grid’ of several different factors. It’s filtered through how we were raised…and the things we experienced growing up. Those things, right or wrong, really have a way of shaping us into how we think….and who we are. Another thing is how we perceive we’ve been treated by the world around us. That would include parents, siblings, friends and just people in general. Again, those things really have a way of influencing us at our very core. Another thing, and one I think is more important, is how we see God and how we perceive that He has treated us. There are other factors, I guess, but you get the idea.

Something that’s helping me navigate all the things I encounter these days is the reality that God, our Father, is trying desperately to give us His perspective. And, not just give us His perspective on a couple of things….but every single thing we come across….the good, the bad….and the ugly. I’m far from having this perfected but I think I’m gaining ground, a little at a time. When you think about it, if we can start to see things through His eyes it really takes all the pressure off, and causes us not to worry as much.

All that’s just my theory….and maybe it’s more for me than anyone else. But, if you think it might be for you too, here’s a few simple ways we can gain His perspective: 1) Communicate with Him! *Don’t complicate it. He wants to hear your voice more than you can imagine! 2) Read His Word! *And as you read, remember He’s your Father! When you read the Word it’ll enhance your relationship with Him! 3) Don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions! Things might not be exactly like you first perceive them to be! 4) Reserve judgment! *(Especially where people are concerned!) Don’t always go with your first inclination…..consider that you might be wrong. 5) Just ride it out! *Maybe, just maybe, gaining His perspective will be like a ‘timed-released’ medicine. i.e., You’ll just catch it along the way. 6) Learn to NOT be intolerant of someone else’s perspective, too!!  You might learn something! 7) And, lastly…..Don’t be afraid to change, based on your ‘new’ perspective!

One thing I know….having His perspective changes just about everything!

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