Best Kept Secrets in the Kingdom

Hey, Andy Taylor here, I want to talk to you about this book, The Best Kept Secrets in the Kingdom. Book Synopsis: Author Video The Best Kept Secrets in the Kingdom, a book I finished a couple years ago. 20 Keys To Revolutionize Your Life and Your Church. I’ll tell you why I wrote this…

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It’s The Hardest Part

“The waiting is the hardest partEvery day you see one more cardYou take it on faith, you take it to the heartThe waiting is the hardest part” The Waiting’ – Tom Petty “Learning to wait is one of the hardest things for both the natural, and the spiritual man.” We lost a great American treasure…

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You May Not Know This, But I’m Kind of a Big Deal!

True statement! But, probably not a ‘big deal’ in the way you were thinking. I receive speaking invitations fairly often. Most of them I say, “No” to because I believe I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing by being at my own church every week. But occasionally and ‘invite’ will come my way that…

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The Bible Belt – “The Land of Never Enough”

There are many out there who’ll live their entire lives believing they were never quite acceptable or good enough to please God. And, what’s worse is that it leads one to believe that the Father’s love based entirely on our behavior.

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