Best Kept Secrets in the Kingdom

Hey, Andy Taylor here, I want to talk to you about this book, The Best Kept Secrets in the Kingdom.

Author Synopsis (1:57) Transcription Below

Book Synopsis: Author Video

The Best Kept Secrets in the Kingdom, a book I finished a couple years ago. 20 Keys To Revolutionize Your Life and Your Church. I’ll tell you why I wrote this book, and how I came to the title;

Modern Church

….there are clearly communicated principles in the Bible that the modern church has either forgotten about, ignored or at the very least minimized in importance.

Simple – Easy to Understand

 I think they’re very important as it relates to personal growth and as it relates to the growth of the church in general. If you’ve listened to me teach before you know I teach in a real simple easy to understand way.

Vitalize Your Spiritual Life

This book is great for just an individual to read and make notes through. I promise you if you just use two or three of these principles, these keys that I’ve communicated here, your spiritual life is going to immediately be vitalized. And I think that’s really needed in the church today.

A Spiritual Reference

It’s good for personal use. It would be a great small group study.

For Leaders

For leaders, if you found your church might have plateaued and you want to go back into some of these really really important scriptural issues that will bring life, this is the book that you need.

You can go through this, and teach this whole book and I promise your church is going to have a whole new level of spiritual life.

Available on Amazon

So, get this book, The Best Kept Secrets in the Kingdom. Available on Amazon.

Contact Me

You can private message me and I’ll send you signed copies. 

Rejuvenate Your Spiritual Life

I hope you enjoy the book. Get it soon and enjoy your whole new life as your spiritual life takes a leap to the next level.

Thank you

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