If I’m Trying Harder Than You Are, This Probably Ain’t Gonna Work!

It took me a lot of years to learn that but I think I’ve finally got it down. It was quite a turnaround for me when I came to the Lord in 1984. When I started cooperating, the Lord began to ‘piece’ my life together, little-by-little. And….after 30 + years He’s still faithful to keep on fixin’ all the things that need fixin’ in my life.

When Julie and I started the church in Sayre in 1989 we didn’t know much. We were pretty sure we’d heard the Lord and we plowed ahead doing the best we could, mostly by faith….and trial and error. It has been amazing how the Lord has blessed the trip. There’s been plenty of obstacles, road blocks and speed-bumps but all in all the Lord has been extremely gracious to us and has had our back in every situation.

There’s been a lot of changed lives down through the years that I take no personal credit for, but it has been rewarding to be involved to see just how the Lord can still miraculously transform a really messed up life. Since right from the start I’ve had a strong desire to see the Lord repair the lives of the hundreds He’s sent our way. So much of a desire, sometimes, that I could get overly involved in trying to help them in the overcoming process. I’d jump at their beck and call, sit up with them all night if that’s what it required, encourage them, give them the best counsel I could, miss events that I should be at, put other important things off to be there to help. I still do some of that after all these years but I’m quite a bit better at discerning this one thing. I’m not sure why it took me so long to learn this. I guess I may just be a slow learner. But I have found it to be true 100 % of the time that if I’m trying harder than they are to fix their problem…..it never, ever works!

So, if you’re in a jam, I’ll still do my best to help. I can be, pretty much, all in if you’re serious. But the moment it feels like I’m trying harder than you are….., nothing personal….., but I’m backin’ off. We can always make another run at it, but if I’m trying harder than you are, this probably ain’t gonna work!


5 thoughts on “If I’m Trying Harder Than You Are, This Probably Ain’t Gonna Work!

  1. I wish all of our YOUNGER generation could read this because I agree a lot of us do try harder for them than they do good story

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