The Best Kept Secrets in the Kingdom

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The Best Kept Secrets in the Kingdom: 20 Keys to Revolutionize Your Life and Church

Book Review by Ben Fike, Apostolic Leader, Modesto, CA

Will the Church Be the Church?

Compared to the Church in the Book of Acts, we live in a time of incredible opportunity! Knowledge abounds. Technology is advancing by the day. Christian books, blogs, and podcasts are accessed at the touch of a finger. Conferences on every spiritual subject under the sun draw in hundreds of thousands yearly. Now, instead of just a few ragtag disciples, there are millions, many of whom are trained in a wide variety of specialized ministries. America is still the freest nation on the planet in terms of the gospel being presented without fear of repercussion. BUT, indicators reveal that the effectiveness of the modern church is not equal to the power, love, and impact of that first church!

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If the church is going to be the church, something needs to change!

The solution is a simple one. There are some best-kept secrets in the Bible, hidden in plain sight that if adhered to have the potential to bring a Kingdom revolution on the earth and bring the church to its appointment with destiny.

You’ll be challenged and changed by The Best Kept Secrets in the Kingdom. If you long for the day to see the church in its glory, and if you’re willing to be an agent of Kingdom change, this book is for you!

The Best Kept Secrets in the Kingdom has blown the lid off. What might have been secret and unknown before is now clearly laid out in workable and usable language.

The “20 Keys” are principles that each of us can understand and implement in our lives and churches. As he aptly writes, “These are the ways to turn from dead religion to dynamic Kingdom living.” If we take these “keys” seriously and want to see change, we can start by putting them into practice today.

It’s a secret no more! We can expect the same power, miracles, signs, and wonders when we have faith in the Father to impart new life to us. It’s time to get un-secret about the secrets.