Just For the Record, You Didn’t ‘Find’ the Lord

‘Ol Andy Taylor ‘found’ the Lord! That was the terminology used by a lot of my friends back in the day, after my life had made the turn, so to speak. And to be honest, I’d probably used the same language about a friend or two of my own along the way. But it’s pretty flawed terminology at best and doesn’t come anywhere close to describing what really happens when we initially encounter the Lord.

For me, it was a time of utter desperation. My life was messed up and I saw myself turning into something that I knew better than. I had a great family and I’ve always had lots of good friends, but no one could really help me where I was at. So out of desperation I put my trust in the Lord. I didn’t know anything about trusting God and I knew nothing at all about walking by faith. It was sheer desperation, ….nothing else!

Looking back I’d have to admit that God really didn’t have any good reason to rescue me, at least from my own perspective. but His perspective is altogether different from ours. He thinks we’re worth it; He thinks we’re worth rescuing. After all, He does have an intricate plan for our lives. And it’s recorded in His Word, “Any man who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” 

So, no, I didn’t find the Lord …..and neither did you. As country artist, Johnny Lee, sang back in the Urban Cowboy days, we were “Looking for love in all the wrong places”. We didn’t find Him….we would’ve never found Him where we were looking! He just happened to be there waiting for us when we were in dire need and not knowing which way to turn. It wasn’t just happenstance on His part…..it was deliberate! He is waiting patiently for us to come home!


14 thoughts on “Just For the Record, You Didn’t ‘Find’ the Lord

  1. Andy, this is so true. Love this train of thought. He is there waiting for us and thank God for christian parents who teach us and leave an example.

  2. Good stuff Andy, I was drawn to him by his sprit, had to have some relief at Huber Street Missionary Baptist about
    54 years ago . Yep

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