“Shoot in Here Amongst Us!!”

Have you ever heard that phrase before? It was made famous by a, now deceased, comedian by the name of Jerry Clower. If you’re not familiar with him, you ought to check him out. His country brand of humor is, ‘off the charts’, hilarious! I had the opportunity to meet Jerry Clower back in my rodeo days. It was at a rodeo in Athens, Georgia in the ’70’s and Jerry was the featured entertainer that night. He was standing in the alley-way leading to the arena ready to be introduced. Several of us bull riders were also in the alley-way as our event was soon after his performance. I had heard nearly all his 8-tracks (you young ‘uns ever heard of 8-tracks??! lol) and loved every one of them. My uncle, Jack, was friends with Jerry….who by then was a professing Christian. So, I took the opportunity to walk up and introduce myself to him. He was a huge guy; probably weighing in at the 300+ pound range….and wearing a bright red suit and tie. I told him my name…and that Jack Taylor was my uncle. He said, “You mean, Jack Taylor, the preacher!??” I answered, “Yep”. He let out one of his trademark squalls…., “Waaaaaaw, …….and a good ‘un, too!!” His show that night didn’t disappoint…It was great!

I won’t spoil the story of where the title phrase came from by trying to tell it myself; I couldn’t do it justice. But you should click here and listen to, “Knock Him Out, John”!! (you won’t appreciate this blog until you listen to it) I guarantee you’ll want to listen to a bunch more if you’ll listen to this one!

But that phrase has stuck with me since I first heard that story back in about ’72. I think of it often when going through some kind of serious trial of life. It always brings me to a better place. I guess it’s the sheer humor of it all. *Listen to the story…..and the next time you find yourself in a quandary…..try letting’ out one o’ them Jerry Clower squalls and then yell, “Just shoot in here amongst us…..one of us got to have some relief!!”

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