VIP #1 Booger Bryant

Well, for starters, just the name “Booger” gets your attention, right!? Booger Bryant could be described in a lot of ways; Cowboy, Bull Rider, Bull Rope Maker, Believer…..A Man’s-Man! Booger lived in Hagerman, New Mexico, not far from Roswell. He was probably 8-10 years older than me when I started my professional rodeo career at 18. Back in those days when you were a ‘rookie’ and just starting out most of the older, seasoned cowboys wouldn’t talk to you until you had ‘paid your dues’ and proven yourself. But Booger wasn’t that way at all, at least with me.There’s no telling how tough Booger really was but he didn’t try at all to push that persona. But you could obviously tell that he wouldn’t get pushed around by anyone.

In the mid to late ’70’s there was a surge of Christianity through professional rodeo. And as it often happens with people who first experience salvation, there was a lot more zeal than common sense displayed by a lot of these rodeo people. Many of them were in-your-face with it; they meant well but to be honest it turned me off and I avoided most of them the best I could. I’d gotten saved in a countywide crusade in Wheeler, Texas in 1974, but I pretty much kept it to myself and wasn’t doing a very good job of living it out.

But, Booger Bryant was different than the others. I knew he was a Christian, but it was different, I wanted to be around him. We had quite a few visits about the Lord. He hardly ever initiated them, it was mostly me. I knew he’d be ‘straight-up’ with me; I knew he wouldn’t be pushy about it; he didn’t have some subtle agenda like the rest of them. I knew I could trust him. He knew I wasn’t doing a good job of walking it out but he never, ever mentioned it. He stood his ground between the over-zealous believers and the hard-ass, old-school cowboys who didn’t want any of it, and would dang sure tell you about it if they needed to!

He got cancer but never complained about it; he’d just say he was trusting the Lord with it. He fought the good fight for sure but finally went to his reward. He left behind his wife, Bonnie and a little boy, Blu. He made my bull ropes for several years, he was always a trusted friend, kinda like a big brother I didn’t have. But most of all he showed me what a ‘real’ Christian ought to be like and his impact on my life was deep, even though I didn’t know it at the time. 

I never got the chance to talk to Booger after my life had really ‘made the turn’ in ’84, he was already gone. But I did get the chance in the mid-’90’s to tell his son, Blu, who was leading the world bull riding standings at the time, how much I admired him and how much of an impact his dad had on my life. It felt pretty good!

I’ll forever be grateful to Booger Bryant for helping to show me the Way!


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  1. I got to know Booger right after I got my card in 78. I went to his house and got on some practice bulls not long before he left us. His attitude never changed. Great guy gone way too soon.

  2. I grew up in Artesia, NM. When I was a young boy my mom loaded me up in the car and drove me out to Boogers house. His health was not that great, but he recognized my mom. She brought him a cake and we talked for about 20 min. When we left I asked her, “Why did we go see him?” She said, “I wanted to say good by and thank you. As a little girl growing up in Carlsbad he was a legend. I also wanted you to be able to say that you met and remember Booger Bryant. You might not know how “big a deal” that really was until you get older.” That statement was true. As I got older that day was a really big deal. Thanks for the post Andy. *It think its a pretty “Big Deal” to know you as well.

  3. Thanks Andy , great to read your blog. I to have been and still am some what in your boots as you were up until 84 , but everyday I’m renewed in the strength and the love our lord God has for me ! Thanks again
    Appreciate your testimony ! Blessings to you and the word your share

  4. I’m the youngest of the Bryant kids. It’s been along time since Booger left us. It was great to read this. Blu definitely would have made his daddy proud. Still to this day people will still come up at ropings and rodeos. So your Booger Bryant’s sister? No matter how many years it’s been someone still knows and remembers him and that is awesome. I would have to give credit for our good Christian upbringing to our dear sweet mama. Just like him never pushing just there being the good example and ready to help. Booger was definitely all cowboy. To this day I still love the sound of spurs jiggling. That was the sound I would here coming across the yard on Saturday mornings when he would stop by to see Mom. Of course when he wasn’t off at a rodeo. Thank you Andy Taylor great read.

    • Hi, Charlotte! Thank you for your message and feedback! I shed quite a few tears writing that blog. I wish I’d gotten to talk to Booger after my life really changed. I pastor a church in Sayre, OK and a good deal of ‘who’ I am….I owe to Booger! Thanks again!

  5. Awesome story Andy! Just so you know, I had a similar encounter when the Father crossed our paths 8 or so years ago. It brought to light what to me what a relationship with the Father was really about. You paid it forward Amigo!

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  6. Neat story, I remember going to Boogers house when I was a little bitty guy. (not sure how I remember that) Went w/ my Dad, Jack Faulk. My dad still mentions him from time to time, they traveled together as did you and my dad I believe. I enjoy your posts.

    Jay Andrew (for Andy) Faulk

    • Hey Jay! Great to hear from you! I remember you as a little kid with your folks. Where are you now? I talked to Jack a month or two back. It was really good to catch up. Thanks for the feedback! Come see me sometime.

  7. Booger Bryant, yes I knew him well. I met him in 1972 and was he a man’s man. More than that to me he was the Billy Graham of cowboys. I never wanted to be a Bull rider, football was my sport and it was Booger who influenced me enough to witness and share my faith he Jesus with my teammates. Yes I knew Booger well. His dynamite wife Bonnie was and is my older sister. I’m proud to be called Booger Bryant’s Brother in Law.

  8. Mr. Taylor. Thank you for sharing this story of the life and legacy of Booger Bryant. He impacted my dad’s life in the late 70’s, which impacted my life and that of our family. I have told his story often when speaking to men. Blessings, Pastor Tim Hargrove, Rio Rancho, NM

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