Let’s Start an “I Love You” Culture!

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I grew up in a household where the “I love you’s” were very common. I didn’t realize how important that was until I was all grown up. As a matter of fact, I don’t guess I really came to the stark realization of just how important that was until I began to encounter person after person who didn’t have the same luxury as me. It has been a bit of an eye-opener of how many people my age never heard their dad say, “I love you.”. From experience, I’d say that moms are traditionally a lot better to say it than dads. But, saying it is important……and more important than you might imagine.

In my part of the world, I’ve been in the Texas Panhandle or Western Oklahoma all my life, it seems to have been part of the culture. Not sure if the same would go for other parts of the USA or the rest of the world for that matter but it wouldn’t surprise me. Fact is there are myriads of people out there who didn’t hear “I love you” in their home, from their parents or their people and as a result, they don’t say it either. It makes an incredible difference to hear it. I can’t number the times I’ve sat in my office with people of all ages with one after the other recanting their heartbreak over wondering if they were loved at all. Of course, in most if not nearly all cases they were loved, ……just not told.

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I’m free with the term and I’ve found out that if you tell other people you love ’em in a little bit they’ll return the favor. For many who are not free with it, it may feel very awkward and unnatural at first but as time goes by it’ll start to feel like second-nature. My best example is one of my close friends; he grew up in one of those homes where he was loved but it wasn’t said. He caught the significance of what I’m talking about and started the process with his grown sons. It caught on! Now I’ll walk through our offices and hear him on the phone with one of his boys and they’ll finish the call with, “Love Ya”. It blesses me to hear that! It’s doable and you can do it too!

Now, here’s something serious to think about. If we didn’t hear it from our parents and if we believe we weren’t loved, when we start to connect with God, who is a Father, it’s extremely hard for us to believe that He can love us either. It profoundly affects the most important relationship you’ll ever have! The more you trust the Father, …..the more fulfilling your life will be! ………we need to fix this!

Tell me about your own experience. Is it easy for you or not? What difference have you seen with your people upon being told, “I love you”? Let me hear your stories.

So, here’s my proposition. I’m startin’ an “I love you” culture! It might even turn into a revolution. Wouldn’t that be something?!

Who’s with me?

12 thoughts on “Let’s Start an “I Love You” Culture!

    • A small word with so much meaning! I never hang up or tell my girls good by without telling them I love them! My dad did not tell mme or my siblings he loved us. We knew he did but he grew up without it being told to him. We can never assume someone knows we love them! Love ya Andy!! Thanks for all you do!

  1. Hi AnDy,
    I knew that I was loved growing up but I didn’t always hear it. My dad ended up abusing me at a young age. My mum and I had a very awkward relationship after that. Our relationship is still a work in progress sometime she says “I love you” but seems to be an effort to say and that very rare occasion you can actually tell she means it. I turned around one day and told her thank you for telling me because it was the first genuine “I love you “I had in a very long time. My dad he’s alive but I don’t talk to him and haven’t done in many many moons. And that’s no great loss. Although I long for a dad.
    So I always promised myself that when I had my family I would let everybody know that I loved them. Even when my older boys are As naughty as ever, in trouble with the law, nasty words being said or just because they are in a bad mood. I always finish with “I love you…..”.
    Whereas Thier Dad struggles to say “I love you” to the kids. Matthew turned around in a very teary emotional moment and said. “Mum, all I ever wanted was for dad to turn around give me a hug and show some love.” He said, “don’t get me wrong mum a handshake is still good but sometimes a hug says it all without actually saying I love you.”
    I often wonder although once you hit double digits everybody knows right from wrong. But could something as simple as a hug not been given, or an I love you not being told. Could that be why my kids are falling short, been in trouble with the law even sometimes acouple of times over or would it have been different If they got “I love you” on a regular basis from dad as well.

    I think it’s very important for everybody, doesn’t matter your age to know that they are loved. My little Anthony is not so little any more and although he shrugs it off when I tell him I love him at least I know I’ve said it. Matthew has always said It back to me even with a hug. Bronwyn and Faith Always comes up for a hug and sometimes we exchange a kiss on the cheek. Jake has his moments of ‘really mum’ and other times he comes to me for a hug and I even get a thank you. JW still with his innocence comes for a cuddle and a kiss any chance he can get and I tell him all the time, ‘JW my little baby bear, Mumma loves you.’
    It is very important in my eyes to tell those that you love that you love them. Specially kids. We are all a gift from God and we should treat each and everyone as such. Specially the innocence of babies and kids. The impressionable age where they can start learning ,understanding and feeling What it means to be loved.
    At the end of the day I can smile because I’ve made people smile with those three words “ I love you “…..
    Thank you AnDy
    I love you and Julie.

  2. I’m in On that!! Love ya!
    I was one of those that didn’t hear i love you from my dad until I was 18. I knew he loved me but I never heard it and never hugged a man other than my granddad until my twenties. My dad had got saved somewhere in that time that may have made the change. I hope I’ve done better at it with my kids. It was not always a comfortable thing to do though. With that said I really see the need for this kind of revelution to sweep the world. I LOVE YOU!

  3. Andy you know my deal, rascal I may be everyone in our home hears it says it and means it! in person or at a distance however you need to do it just do it. I think it has been a little uncomfortable for some of my cowboy buddies but it gets easier for ’em. I have undoubtedly blown it Father God has not, I have failed LOVE NEVER FAILS! For those who doubt it I’d say try it, what ya got to lose? The proof of the pudding is in the eatin😎

  4. This is awesome!! Growing up my dad only told me he loved me twice… and still to this day not but a few times. Funny how when I was younger I didn’t think it mattered… but boy how my opinion of that has changed! It has affected me in many ways.

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