Tragedy in Dallas: What Can I Do?

What a nightmare in Dallas! Police officers taking to the streets at a ‘Black Lives Matter’ march to protect the people’s ‘right to demonstrate’,  when the unthinkable happened. A lone gunman (supposedly) from an elevated position shoots eleven and kills five! Purportedly because he was upset by a couple of recent incidents where black people were killed by white cops.

This scenario has become all too familiar in our country. It’s a phenomenon that was virtually unheard of a generation ago. I remember as a kid when the guy went up in the tower on the University of Texas campus (Aug 1, 1966) and began shooting. Before the day was over, Charles Whitman, an engineering student, had shot forty-nine people, sixteen of them fatally. (starting earlier in the day with his wife and mother) Then there was the Post Office shooting in Edmond, Oklahoma. (Aug 20, 1986) A disgruntled worker entered the post office and began shooting. In roughly fifteen minutes twenty people were shot….and fourteen of them died.

These tragic events have become all to common in America. They’re happening at such an alarming rate that, as a culture, we don’t have time to recover from one to the other. Adding to the problem is the perception (maybe just my own perception) that the current administration is determined to fuel the flames of racial tension. There are a number of things that must change if this trend is going to be turned around. I’m certainly no expert, ….but I care, and it’s something I think about. There’s some practical things that we, as individuals…and Christian individuals more specifically, can do. But, first, a few things that would certainly help the dilemma.

  1. As a society we need to come to the realization….and the conclusion that “All Lives Matter”, and then flesh it out! As simple as that seems….it’s not being done.
  2. It seems that there’s an agenda to divide us all. “A house divided can’t stand”. We need to resist the temptation to be divided
  3. There needs to be more ‘voices of reason’ rising up among the black community. It’s just my opinion but there needs to be more Ben Carson, Allen West, David Brown (Dallas Police Chief) and David Clark (Sherriff, Milwaukee)….and less Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan.
  4. Responsibility in the media; Stop politicizing every. single .thing.! Stop giving airtime to race-baiters and hate groups.
  5. We need the help from the highest office! Racial tension is the highest since the 60’s! My opinion again, but not only are we not getting help…Obama is adding fuel to the fire.
  6.  The church needs to ‘rise up’!  We should be the voice of truth and reason during these uncertain times. The answers and solutions for the world’s deepest problems should come from the church! It’s gonna take a lot of help from the Lord to sort this one out! *We can’t be uninvolved!

I’ll write in Part 2 the things we can do as individuals. America has been the greatest nation on the planet. We’re at a juncture. What we do here will determine our fate for generations. It’s that important!






5 thoughts on “Tragedy in Dallas: What Can I Do?

  1. Wonderful message ANDY! Totally agree ! I’m so heartbroken over all this racial -hate dividing us! I have an amazing young lady I love like a daughter who is African American & she doesn’t understand any of this! I don’t understand it! I just tell her we
    Need to pray more & show that Christ lives in us! Love one another like He tells us to do! Enjoy you reads! God Bless you!

  2. Cultural Identity…
    As I see it the problem is a ‘cultural thing’. Several years ago our community was flooded with immigrants. They came here to WORK. The city gov. rushed forth to sign them up for all manner of benefits. Credit was easy to come by and cute little neighborhoods sprang up on the EAST side of town. New schools were built at the rate of about one a year. A second high school was built on the WEST side of town.The building industry was booming and then it wasn’t. Those folks were gone, entire neighborhoods of foreclosed homes sat empty. This isn’t an economics lesson, my point is those folks came here to WORK for a better way of life for their families and when the work was gone so were they.
    For several years our local superintendent of schools motto was “Embrace Their Culture” , then it wasn’t. Then we educators endured hours of professional development studying Ruby Payne’s book, A Framework For Understanding Poverty. (In my opinion maybe 50% factual, but no one asked me.)
    Back to the ‘cultural thing’, I’m sure you’ve seen Roots, The Color Purple and The Help. But, have you seen Madea’s Family Reunion? It’s one of Tyler Perry’s Madea movies with a message. In this movie the family matriarch makes an impassioned plea to her people to take responsibility for their actions.
    If we want to be seen differently we have to act differently If we keep doing the same thing we get the same results. It is individuals who make up a culture.
    I have no solution, it’s way to big for me.

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