Apparently it’s a ‘thing’ now; a real thing. Yep, heard it on the morning network news a week or two ago. They did a whole segment on it. FoMO; “Fear of Missing Out”. It’s a pervasive attitude or syndrome linked to the negative feeling of getting left out of something important, and something that other people might be invited to, or involved in.

I’m gonna say that long before someone came up with the name for it, we’d all felt that feeling before; probably quite a few times, the truth be known. Not a good feeling. No one wants to be left out. In fact, whether we really want to be involved or not….it does feel good to be invited and kept in the loop. Makes us feel important. Getting left out hurts our feelings and makes us feel insignificant.

I’ve got some good news if you’re feeling like the FoMo Mojo’s on ya’! Lucky for us the Creator of the Universe has extended an open invitation for us to be at this huge banquet sometime in the near future, date TBA. Right now there are people going out into the hedges, the highways and byways and inviting all those who, many times, don’t get invited to anything. It’s a big wedding party. The Bible calls this big party the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Gonna be some really important people there, including you! All the people attending have been handpicked and adopted into the Family by God, Himself.

It’s an RSVP event; If you said “yes” to Jesus….that’s an adequate reply. Your seat’s already reserved,…..and in the VIP section, no less! If you haven’t said “yes”, I would at the next opportunity. He really wants you to be there!

When we catch the reality of how much He loves us the FoMO won’t be an issue with us any more!

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