The “Only Thing” That Really Works

Life is a journey! If we’re going to learn to experience it to the fullest we must learn what really works and what doesn’t. When thinking about experiencing the most that this life has to offer one would surely consider the ingredients that would bring happiness and contentment, early on. For some odd reason most of us think that having lots of money is important to having true happiness. But we hear, over and over, those who have way more than enough saying that they’re miserable. So, obviously, money ain’t it! For others it seems that having some degree of notoriety or fame would guarantee happiness but, again, we hear time and again that it leaves them empty, in the final analysis.

Relationships are vital to experiencing a fulfilling life. We’re created to love and to be loved. We’re hardwired for intimacy with one another. “It’s not good that we should be alone.” While relationships bring our greatest satisfaction in life….they also provide us with the greatest frustrations and heartbreaks. Authentic relationships ain’t for sissies! One of the greatest relationship mistakes is to expect someone else to meet the deepest need that resides in each of us. Happens all the time. Husbands expect wives to do it, friends expect it of one another…and on, and on it goes. But those are extremely unreasonable expectations, to put it bluntly.

There is a relationship, however, that does meet the deepest need  that exists in the heart of humanity. It’s the relationship of the Father with His kids! Until we engage in this relationship and learn to interact with Him, we’ll always be looking for something to fill up that empty spot inside, only to be disappointed at the end of the day.

As much as the Father loves you, He won’t force Himself on you but He’s waiting, ever so patiently, for you to come to Him! You don’t have to jump through a bunch of ‘religious hoops’. He’s made it easy for us! It’s the only thing that really works!


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