“Obviously, I’m God’s Favorite!”

Oh, I’m not kidding one bit!! I really believe I am! Here’s why I think that’s true; God’s a Father, He could be anything He wanted to be and He chose to be a Father. Well, you know, I’m a dad too. Julie and I have had six children; Cord has already beat us to heaven! So, we’ve raised 5 and we think they’re really incredible people! Clint, my oldest son….and my very favorite, is so sharp and responsible, great husband and great dad. Cade, the most unique individual I know….and my very favorite son, who also happens to be the most honest human being I know. Cole, what a young man; hard worker, sincere and genuine….and my very favorite son. Clay, awesome personality, great sense of humor, both tough and tender hearted at the same time…..and my very favorite son. Then there’s Cameron….the ‘icing on the cake’ after 5 boys! So pretty inside and out, sharp, caring, great smile and tender heart…..and my very favorite. And I can hardly wait to meet Cord in heaven because I’m positive he’ll be my favorite!

They have some similarities but they’re also different and unique in many ways. We’ve made plenty of mistakes raising them but I think we’ve done a decent job of allowing them to be their ‘own’ person. I can’t differentiate my love one little tick from one to the other and to say that none of them is my favorite would totally miss the mark….but to say they’re all my favorite seems to capture it! And it doesn’t stop there; I have 9 awesome, good-looking, smart grandkids, Cooper, Dailee, Preslie, Crockett, Allie, Calli, Maverick, Knox and Timber...and yep, you guessed it……each of them are my favorite! I even have 3 of the prettiest, most sincere and genuine daughter-in-laws you’ve ever seen and I often tell Kristy, Kelly and Chelsea….”You know you’re my favorite!”……..because they are!!

We’re created in the image of God and it’s built into our nature, by Him, to love. So, don’t waste any time arguing with me because I’m totally convinced that I’m His favorite! If you don’t think you’re His favorite….you obviously haven’t spent much time with Him lately! I’d change that if I were you!


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