Are You A ‘Kingdom’ Person? Part 8 – Doers of the Word

A kingdom person, in my opinion, see things different than your normal Bible-Belt church person. And, as a result of how they see things it totally changes their activity and behavior. They’re concerned…..and very aware of the Father’s plan for the world….but more specifically….His plan for them and how they fit into His big picture!

Kingdom people are ‘doers of the Word’! The regular church guy is more concerned with ‘getting fed’ than he is in doing anything with the Truth that he’s been fed! My experience in 30 + years of ministry is that the people who are whining about not being fed….rarely ever do anything with what they are fed! Babies have to be fed……adults feed themselves!

What does it mean to be a doer of the Word?? Well, for starters, kingdom people take it personal when the Bible says, “Signs and wonders will follow them that believe”, and “We were created in Christ Jesus for good works”, “Whoever believes in Me and the works that I do, he will do also” The regular church guy believes that stuff happened in Bible days but doesn’t really happen anymore. Makes me wonder, when did God stop doing those things?? Then there are others who believe the miraculous still takes place but believe that it is through someone else, somewhere else or at another time. But the ‘kingdom’ person takes it personally and believes it for himself/herself now. They also understand that you can’t just ‘go rogue’ with this stuff. Nope, they have a keen understanding that they must follow the lead of the Holy Spirit if anything significant is going to happen. But they also know that when they are led by the Holy Spirit and follow His lead in obedience that the ‘sky is not the limit’!! The stage is set for the miraculous! Kingdom people are ‘doers of the Word’!!


3 thoughts on “Are You A ‘Kingdom’ Person? Part 8 – Doers of the Word

  1. Anytime I’m involved in what the Lord wants me to do it is his Sprit working around and through me. I continually try to keep up witch is not easy.

  2. Wooohooo!!! God in us, we are all miracle workers for sure as we step out in faith as vessels through whom He can work!!! How exciting it is to team with Dad in the supernatural adventures of life!!! I highly recommend it for everyone to experience and enjoy in life!!! Nothing else like it in the world!!! 🙂 Good word you shared, dear brother!!! Rock on, saint!!!

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