Who Owns Who??

I got saved in ’74. I was at a Countywide Crusade in Wheeler, Texas sitting on the back row. When it came invitation time I knew I was supposed to go forward and give my life to the Lord….so I did. There was definitely something different. Julie had a little paperback “Living Bible” and I started reading it. I started on page 1, and got over in the book of Leviticus and got all bogged down in all those “begats” and put it down and didn’t pick it up much for the next ten years. I didn’t have any Christian friends and I drifted way off from the Lord. Nobody’s fault….it just happened.

For the next ten years when I’d get in a jam in my life, I’d run to the Lord. When that set of unpleasant circumstances was over I was back to my own way again. I did that over and over for ten years. Looking back I call that a ‘disposable relationship’ with the Lord. I think a lot of people have that kind of on-again, off-again relationship with Him. In that sense He was just a possession of mine that I’d use when I needed Him and then return to my own way, never having any real, ongoing relationship with Him.

A lot of people are like I was…..just ‘using’ the Lord for our own benefit. But later on in ’84 when my life made an abrupt turn I started having an, altogether, different perspective. I began to understand that I was His possession! “We were bought at a price, we should glorify God in our body, which is His”. We’re not just His possession…..we’re His most prized possession! From Mt. Everest to the Sahara Desert, to the redwoods in California and the Amazon River….all those things that He created and that the world recognizes as the handiwork of God…..they all dim in monumental insignificance in the light of how much He loves you and I!

Going forward….let’s come to the realization that we belong to Him….we’re His possession. It’ll change our entire perspective on our lives!


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  1. Hi Andy!

    I just wanted to let you know that we are reading your Blog every time that you Post!
    it is very uplifting and we enjoy it so much! Tell the family Hello! We love ya’ll very much!!

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