He’s Alive Again!!!

What a day to celebrate! This is the day that we recognize the resurrection of Jesus. Some 2000 years ago in Jerusalem, a great act of injustice took place when Jesus was nailed to the cross. HIs death on the cross was not proof that He was the Son of God….in fact to his criticizers and detractors it was proof that He wasn’t.

But on the morning of the third day, a rumbling was felt from the center of the Earth. The jingling sound of keys (death, hell, and the grave) was heard; it was Jesus coming out of the tomb! He had conquered, forever, the power of the grave! His resurrection was the indisputable, undeniable truth that this Man was no ordinary man. He was/is, indeed, the Son of God!! My highest hope is that we can learn to live from the resurrection and what was completed for us on that day!

Here’s a song that has been my favorite one about the resurrection for about 35 years. Spoiler Alert….It may make you cry! Listen to it all…..it’s a great one!!  Enjoy!

*Click on the link below to listen.

“He’s Alive Again!!!”

Check this one out too: It Ain’t Just “Good News” …… It’s “Great News”!

2 thoughts on “He’s Alive Again!!!

  1. Hallelujah Jesus is alive! I really like Phil Driscoll; saw him in concert. I thought the walls were going to tumble down when he blew the trumpet. Andy you have a gift for writing. 😊

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