Extraordinary People

It has been a hectic few days around here; not bad in any way….just hectic. But it’s all worth it. We’re hosting our 6th Convergence Summit. Some would call it a ‘conference’ but it’s more like a family reunion of the churches and ministries that are connected relationally with us here at Trinity Fellowship, Sayre, Oklahoma. They come from all over; places like Flagstaff, Dallas, Atlanta, San Antonio, Houston, Kansas City. Many are from little, out of the way, places like Mangum, Oklahoma, Canadian & Perryton, Texas, Hobbs & Vado, New Mexico.

At first glance they look like ordinary people but after further examination you learn that there’s nothing ordinary at all about this bunch. These are not ‘religious’ people, they’re ‘kingdom’ people. There’s a vast difference. There’s a vast difference in who they are and what they do. They’re not perceived as professional ministry people. Why, most of them don’t even own a suit and tie! They’re a ‘blue-collar’ tribe of leaders who are out there doing whatever it takes on their part to fulfill the call of God on their lives. They’re people who actually care about others. And the favor of the Lord is on everything they do!

It humbles me beyond words that the Lord has put me, and our House, in a place of influence with these people. The next few days will be days of building momentum, deepening relationships, brainstorming, encouraging…..and ‘iron sharpening iron’, in the truest biblical sense.

No, there’s nothing common or ordinary about this bunch…..they’re Extraordinary People!


2 thoughts on “Extraordinary People

  1. We are so honored to be linked to this awesome group of people. Being around people who embrace what Jesus did and how that allowed God to become daddy is an amazing breath of fresh air. We love love love the connection we have here and we are so thankful to be a part of this family reunion time. Thank you to each and every person that has a part I. Putting this together.

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