Tell Your Story!

The word most often used is ‘testimony’, but that’s always felt a little too churchy for me….and what drives me even further away from that word is that the system has produced ‘professional’ testimony givers. Anyone who has come a ways with the Lord has a story and every person’s story is significant and important in many ways.

Julie and I have raised 5 kids and as they were growing up what worked with one might not work with another. So, as a parents we had to stay on our toes to learn the different personalities of each child and find out how to best discipline and love them. Being the Father that He is God knows just exactly how to nurture each one of us and while our stories may have some similarities, every single one is unique in its own profound way. These stories need to be told, and they need to be told for several reasons not the least of which, they bring life, hope and encouragement to those who hear them. I’m not just saying that they need to be told at the church house. Nothing wrong with that, I guess, but I like it better when they’re told at the golf course, the hospital or the restaurant, …..and only as the Lord opens the door! 

Your story is important because it reveals how God rescued you and set you on the right path. There’s a whole world out there that needs to hear that. And, I don’t think they need to hear it from some professional testimony giver as much as from someone who’s nervous as heck about talking about it. I’m not, and I don’t think the Lord is, looking for professionalism as much as He’s looking for ‘real’! Real goes a long ways these days and there’s not much of it left around the church. But you and I can do our part! Your story is important! No one can tell it but you, and no one can refute it. Your life is the ‘stamp of validation’ of your story. It brings life to the Gospel, and it gives people ‘hope’!  Tell it!!


One thought on “Tell Your Story!

  1. That is so true, when I lost my voice 5 years ago, I was angry. Didn’t understand why. People would say oh, I’m sorry that’s so bad. But it”s not so bad.I have learned to be patient and listen better. Keep my opinions more to myself. I don’t gossip. I spend a-lot of my time with god and I having conversations in my mind. Just quiet conversations. Sorry Andy, I may be God’s favorite.

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