Lady Gaga, Little Monsters & Jesus!

Lady Gaga’s getting a lot of attention, both good and bad, the last couple of days; This was first published two years ago. I had over 2100 views on this post, the most of any blog I’ve written to date. If you haven’t read it, you should. If you did read it….it’d do to read again. Thanks…..and “Share” it if you like it!

It’s been about three years since Julie and me, Cameron and one of her friends went to a Lady Gaga concert in Oklahoma City. On the way to the Chesapeake Center where the concert was to be held, there were picketers….Christian picketers…..a lot of them, displaying their signs and banners “, “Lady Gaga is the Devil”, “God hates fags”; “You’re going to hell!” …. you know the typical unconditional love stuff that we’re so known for!

An interesting thing that I did not know was that Lady Gaga’s loyal followers are known as “Little Monsters”. They dress up in some of the wildest, most bizarre costumes and get-ups that you could ever imagine. It’s like Halloween on steroids! I’ll have to admit, it was a little out of my comfort zone! But the show was unbelievable; I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lady Gaga, whether you like her or not, is an extremely talented young woman. She can sing, she can dance, she can play the piano. She can do it all!

But there was a point three-quarter of the way into the show that I did NOT see coming! House lights out, she’s in the spotlight lying on the stage. She says, “Jesus, …. up there in heaven, …. all those people outside tell me you don’t love me…..but I know that’s not true! I know you love me, and I know you love all these “Little Monsters”, too!” And the bigger part of 20,000+ young people cheered as loud as they possibly could. I had a big lump in my throat; I could barely hold back my tears. And I wondered if anyone had ever told many of these “Little Monsters” that Jesus really does love them. Oh, I know they’ve been told they’re no good and that God’s mad at them. They’ve been reminded of that over and over again but you could tell that they so wanted her words to be true! And I think, somehow, they believed it.

If the Father can’t depend on the church to tell the ‘good news’, He’ll use Lady Gaga, or anyone else He chooses, to let all us “Little Monsters” know how much we’re really loved!

9 thoughts on “Lady Gaga, Little Monsters & Jesus!

  1. The Philisteens hated Jesus but he still loved them that tortured and Crucified him. If Jesus can still love them way back then, than surely he still loves us today with all of the crazy things that we do. I know without a doubt that he loves me because he died on the cross for me, and I know that by his grace that is what has saved me. By him dying on that cross I know without a doubt that he saved you and me from what we all deserve. Too that all I can say is thank you Father for loving me. Amen!!!

  2. He loves us but true repentance with Jesus is the only way to get in to heaven. His Grace is sufficient yes, but we can’t trample all over it. He loves gays. He doesn’t hate them! He loved me when I was out in the world drinking and partying but kept dealing with my heart (I’m sure due to my parent’s prayers)! We are called to love, love. love! So many of us as Christians talk smack instead of telling the truth (in love). We aren’t supposed to say……………..(you’re going to hell for this or that)! We’re supposed to say……………………(this is what the Bible says about that) and He loves you without condition. Don’t be critical and degrading or push them away. Leave the conviction to the Holy Spirit. The only way we are going to reach people is to show them we love them unconditionally the way Jesus does.

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