10 Tips That’ll Help You Become a “Learner”

I’m a learner; I like learning…and if you’re like me you can easily see that the possibilities for a learner are unlimited. We live in the information age where anything you want to know is simply a ‘click’ away. My Mom and Dad set me on the course of being a learner early on. One of the most profound things I’ve ever learned is a little something Dad told us when we were kids, and then reinforced it throughout mine and my brother’s  lives. Here’s what he said, “When you think you know it all, you’re as smart as you’re gonna get.”. That proves to be true if you’re a jet pilot or a lawyer; a plumber or a senator. But, the profound thing about it is that if you buy into it….it puts you on the path of being a lifetime learner. There’s a few practical things that I think’ll help if you want to choose to be a learner. *Keep in mind, it’s an inconclusive list…..since I’m still learning!

  1. Make a conscious choice to be a learner.
  2. If you’re going to be a learner, you must allow the truth(s) that you know to be challenged
  3. You must be able to consider ‘new’ information
  4. Learn to not reject opinions that differ from your own
  5. Listen!
  6. View every day as a day to learn
  7. View every event you encounter to be a learning experience
  8. Consider that every person in your life is there for you to learn from
  9. Some of the hardest things we endure in life hold the greatest lessons for us
  10. Be quick to ‘give away’ the things you learn

Caution: The tendency as we grow older is to taper off in our learning.

Learning is an Adventure! Embrace it!

As long as  you’re learning, you’re growing!

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