Are You ‘Led’, or Are You ‘Driven’?

That’s a good question; and it’s an important question as it relates to how we’re living out our lives. Now, I’m not saying one or the other is correct for you. That’s totally up to you to decide….but I think we need to answer that question somewhere along the road of life. And, if you ask me, the sooner we’re able to answer it, the better. I’ve been both. And, truthfully now at nearly 63 and doing the math, I’ve spent about half my life in a ‘driven’ state….and the other half being ‘led’.

I’ve observed over the years different ones (some who I was very close to) who are extremely driven. They seem to always achieve more than those who are not so much that way. No real surprise there. But, when you look closer, it becomes apparent that many of those who are extremely driven can never get enough. And, whether the drive is for money, fame, fortune or even power….they never seem satisfied. They can’t relax, they can’t rest…they just can’t get enough, they have to have more. And, not that I’ve achieved any significant degree of success in those mentioned things….I can admit to,….and can relate to, being driven at times to have them.

But all that was early on in my life. It began to change at about age 30 for me, and only after I started learning to follow the Lord. I think it’s possible to try to reconcile the two. In fact it might even be a natural thing, at least at first,…..but it won’t work for long. It won’t work, primarily, because we’re created by the Lord, Himself to be ‘led’! He’s the One Who has the secrets to our lives; He’s the One Who has the ‘keys’ for our true contentment; He’s the One Who knows who we’re supposed to be…..and what we’re supposed to do with our lives.

Are you led…..or are you driven? My experience is, you’re one or the other; there’s no middle of the road. One way’ll leave you ‘never satisfied’…..the other will fully satisfy!

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One thought on “Are You ‘Led’, or Are You ‘Driven’?

  1. I feel I’m led by My father God and Jesus to follow and learn.
    But then when I’m in the community I feel driven to teach them of the new convenient and my church family and how the spirit is with us and pray have faith.

    Am I wrong?

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