God Moves Through ‘Influence’ ……. Not ‘Control’!

He’s ‘omnipotent’,  ‘all powerful’; He can do anything He wants to do…anytime He wants to do it. By His own words the Universe maintains perfect balance. He speaks and the mountains quake, the tides ebb and flow and all of nature, itself, responds to His voice. No army can stand against Him; He’s invincible…..I mean….He IS God and this stuff is easy for Him!

But as powerful as God is…..He doesn’t seek to control us. Don’t get me wrong…..He could, He just won’t. It’s just not His style. It goes against His nature as a Father. If He did it that way there would be no need for faith. It wouldn’t be the same. And you know what the Book says, ‘It’s impossible to please God without faith.” The good news is that we have an incredible quality of faith. It’s a faith that He wants to see come to full fruition. 

Now, when it comes to influence…..I think He’s all about that! In fact He’s ‘so much’ about it that He’s given us His Spirit to show us what to do every single step of the way. Think about it this way, if you’re a parent it makes sense to use a measure of ‘control’ with your kids while they’re infants. In fact it’s vital. Even through our adolescent years, some control is necessary. After all, we are growing up but not ready to take on the world yet. It could be disastrous. But God….the consummate ‘Parent’ knows just exactly when to begin to release us into a free-er state of responsibility and maturity, It doesn’t at all mean that we’re independent of Him. Much to the contrary, those who are growing to a deeper level of maturity find themselves being more dependent on Him….and His Spirit for direction and guidance. If we’re sensitive to His Spirit in us….we’ll know what to do in every situation….but He won’t make us do it. It’s our call as to how we live it out.

He wants us to come into the ‘full’ revelation of our ‘sonship’ and then begin to live our lives from that point. In all reality, we’re ‘partnering up’ with the Creator of the Universe. Our lives will then begin to take on the extreme value that He’s placed upon us. It’s all about influence….not control!


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