Living Proof

If you look down through the generations at the ones that the Lord chose to be His leaders you’d think He’s just not very picky at all. It nearly always looks like He’s got the wrong guy, especially on the front end. I mean, right from the very start He picks Abraham, a pagan man living in a pagan nation. After that, Jacob; now there’s a guy who had some issues. Then it was Moses; he killed a man….but obviously, in hindsight, he was definitely the one to lead God’s people out of Egypt. Later on David, who was called the ‘apple of God’s eye’ and His own handpicked man to lead the nation, had a moral failure of the highest order. It was so ugly that people still talk about it today.

Then Jesus came along and picked twelve of the most unlikely men He could find to be His closest followers. Matthew was a tax collector; everybody hated the tax collectors! Peter, James and John were all fishermen. They had some serious issues of their own. These were not professional ministry guys by any stretch of the imagination!  They all made their own share of blunders in the process of learning the way of the Lord. And, that’s just part of the picture. There’s many more who’d fall into the same category.

It appears at first glance that the Lord is just not a very good judge of character. But, that can’t be it. We know He doesn’t make mistakes. And, as awkward as some of these choices looked, early on,…..they turned out to be the right ones for the job every single time.

The Bible actually speaks pretty clear about that. “Not many wise, not many mighty, not many noble are called. But God uses the simple things of the world to confound the mighty.” Not a single one of these were chosen because of their impressive resume’. The Lord still makes some awkward looking choices today. 

Take me for instance……I wasn’t trained for this; knew absolutely nothing about how to do it. And, after 27 years, I’m probably still behind the curve, some. People will decide, a long time after we’re gone, if anything we’ve done could be classified as ‘significant’. If they decide that it was…..all we can say is, “We’re just living proof that the Lord can use anyone!”

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6 thoughts on “Living Proof

  1. That’s so right Andy. He uses the humble to carry about his will and purpose to encourage our faith and reward us with His blessings. Keep up the good works!

  2. This is good stuff! Especially after I heard a comment made yesterday about “you are who you hang with”
    It made me pretty sad for the poor guy trying to be a light to people and follow his passion. I wish I could be a “Mother Teresa”
    Maybe after I get this boy graduated I’ll quit my job and go MT!
    Have a fabulous day Andy Taylor, thank you for being you!

  3. I think we all relate to your blog., because you are truly one of us… and it hits home with all of us!! Thank you for the time you put into this blog… and reaching out to all of us!! 😉

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