My Birthday: August 28…….and August 29!!

Yep, you read it right; it’s a two-dayer! I know….who could be so lucky?! Me, that’s who! Thirteen years ago on mine and Julie’s 25th Anniversary we booked a trip to Cozumel. That’s a big deal considering we were mid-way through raising 5 phenomenal kids. But the big deal is that we had never just ‘took off’ and had a time like that together, just me and her. And when you have five kids, I don’t care what tax bracket you’re in…., there’s just never any extra cash laying around for a trip like that. But we made it a priority, saved up and got the trip scheduled.

After the 9-11 tragedy, security at all the US airports was tightened down in a big way. Part of the new rules were that you had to have a copy of your birth certificate before you could book or board a flight out of the country. Well, I don’t guess I ever even had a copy of my birth certificate. If I did, I had no idea where it might be. So, I called Hemphill County in Texas to get a copy of it. (I was born in Canadian. Texas…long, long ago! lol) I was born on August 28….but when I got my copy from Texas it clearly stated that the date of my birth was August 29!!

I guess I could go to the trouble of trying to get the birth certificate corrected but I don’t see much sense in that. It is what it is. So, the logical thing to do seemed to just go ahead and roll with it and make my birthday….BOTH days! I have no problem with that but it has been somewhat of a chore to get the rest of my family to comply. Yeah, they’re alway draggin’ their feet. So, this year, I’m celebrating my birthday again on the 28th and the 29th. It just seems ‘only’ right! So, if you royally screwed up and missed my birthday on the 28th…..not to worry!! The 29th gives you ‘slackers’ one more shopping day!!

PS – If you’re with me on the two-day birthday…next time just tell me “Happy Birth-Dos”!! …..and if I can get a little buy-in from the familia, I’m gonna stretch it out to, “Happy BirthWeek”!!


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  1. My Dad does something similar. He was born on 3rd July. His mother went to register the birth and gave him a name which his father did not like. So he went to get the name changed, only he couldn’t so he registered my father’s birth for the day before and with a different name. So Arthur gets to have his birthday on the 2nd and David on the 3rd. As the daughter of this man/men, believe me, it’s a real pain!!

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