Reflect & Refocus #13

How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

#13 – “Social Media”

If 2015’s going to be your “Best Year Ever” you’ve got to make the best use of your time and, for me, monitoring my time on FaceBook, Twitter, a productive thing to do. I enjoy FaceBook for several reasons: 1) It’s enabled me to re-connect with a lot of my old rodeo friends that I’d lost touch with down through the years. 2) It’s a way for me to keep up with my big ‘ol family and a lot of friends. 3) It’s a way for me to communicate some ‘truths’ to a mass audience out there. And from my own perspective I feel like I can help people that way.

But, staying on FB too much, I know, is not productive for me. I find myself, most often in the evenings, just ‘cruising’ through the posts with my mind in a vegetative state. And, it can get to be a really bad habit for me if I don’t monitor that. Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s some value in relaxing and just checking out your friends’ posts. But if it’s cutting into your family time or if it’s stealing time that you ‘know’ you need to be doing something else then we should have the good sense to cut back. It’s going to require a little discipline on your part, but you can do it!

*Engaging in Social Media can be a very good thing, and a very productive thing…..we just need to know when to back off!

7 thoughts on “Reflect & Refocus #13

  1. You hit it right on the money! Social media , texting, etc. has taken the place of social, one on one communication ….. Now it’s heads down, no eye contact, sometimes iffy if they hear you! this is about the only way I hear from my kids!!! Passing this reflect and refocus on to them….. Thanks Andy

  2. Andy, I think you are right on re.FB. It can prove to be unproductive if not properly regulated. By the way, I listened to your past Sunday’s teaching & it was outstanding!!! I too believe it one of the Churches’ areas of neglect, plus many pastors act as if it isn’t even in the Bible. Thanks for preaching & teaching the whole counsel of God!!! Blessings, Stanley

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