Are You A ‘Kingdom’ Person? Part 4 – Sons, Not Servants!

Well, have you decided whether you’re a ‘kingdom’ person or not. Like I said earlier, “No pressure from me to be one….but if you do decide to be one, your Spiritual life will be very productive and fruitful.” I desperately hope you’ll make the right choice.

Since kingdom people have an understanding that God is Father they also have a keen understanding that they are ‘sons’ and ‘daughters’ to Him. The Book tells us, “We didn’t choose Him…..He chose us.” Incredible, huh?! But many people today consider themselves ‘servants’ and that’s not entirely wrong. But if we’re talking identity, which is extremely important, then we must understand that we’re not hired hands at all….we’re sons and daughters! There’s a vast difference; Hired hands work ‘for’ a blessing; Sons and daughters work ‘from’ a blessing; from the blessing that He’s handpicked us as His own children!

Detractors would love to argue that, in essence, our identity is that of a servant. But it’s not true. It’s a rather large issue and if you miss the truth of it, you’ll miss much of what your life was intended by the Father to be! To clarify the issue, as sons and daughters we do a lot of serving in our Christian life, even more than those with a hired-hand mentality. The difference is, we’re part owners; the Book says that we’re ‘joint-heirs’ with Jesus! If you think about that…it means that we own what He owns! That’s a pretty big deal if you ask me.

Kingdom people understand that they’re sons and daughters….and the revelation of that to our hearts changes everything!


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