Lady Gaga, Little Monsters & Jesus!

It’s been about three years since Julie and I, Cameron and one of her friends went to a Lady Gaga concert in Oklahoma City. (I’ll wait a few seconds for those of you so righteous that you just sucked all the oxygen out of the room!I)

On the way to the Chesapeake Center where the concert was to be held there were picketers….Christian picketers…..a lot of them, displaying their signs and banners “, “Lady Gaga is the Devil”, “God hates gays”; “You’re going to hell!” …. you know the typical unconditional love stuff that we’re so known for!

An interesting thing that I did not know was that Lady Gaga’s loyal followers are known as “Little Monsters”. They dress up in some of the wildest, most bizarre costumes and get-ups that you could ever imagine. It’s like Halloween on steroids! I’ll have to admit, it was a little out of my comfort zone! But the show was unbelievable; I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lady Gaga, whether you like her or not, is an extremely talented young woman. She can sing, she can dance, she can play the piano. She can do it all!

But there was a point three quarters of the way into the show that I did NOT see coming! House lights out, she’s in the spotlight lying on the stage. She says,  “Jesus, …. up there in heaven, …. all those people outside tell me you don’t love me…..but I know that’s not true! I know you love me, and I know you love all these “Little Monsters”, too!” And the bigger part of 20,000+ young people cheered as loud as they possibly could. I had a big lump in my throat; I could barely hold back my tears.  And I wondered if anyone had ever told many of these “Little Monsters” that Jesus really does love them. Oh, I know they’ve been told they’re no good and that God’s mad at them. They’ve been reminded of that over and over again but you could tell that they so wanted her words to be true! And I think, somehow, they believed it.

If the Father can’t depend on the church to tell the ‘good news’, He’ll use Lady Gaga, or anyone else He chooses, to let all us “Little Monsters” know how much we’re really loved!


32 thoughts on “Lady Gaga, Little Monsters & Jesus!

  1. So very true Andy, sometimes we see incredible things in places you don’t expect to. Thanks for this today – I needed this today.



  2. I remember you telling that story’s a while back…after I picked myself up from the floor hearing you went to a lady Gaga concert, not sure that was a surprise in the righteous way or in the ‘I didn’t know Andy was that hip’ kinda way ;). But her words cholked me up too, and then something got in my eye… Man what a scandal, Jesus does love us ‘little monsters’! And btw I did take a mental note of a great couple of parents too…

  3. Where is the LOVE button!?
    Andy, Andy, Andy!
    There are no words.
    God sent an angel, a messenger of love, and his name was Andy Taylor. He will get many of us to heaven by acts of LOVE not condemnation, but true unconditional LOVE!

  4. That is an awesome story, Andy. I really haven’t cared for her too much until lately when I realized she was such a talent. I sure think more of her after reading your story also. Love how God uses the strangest of strange to get His word or point across.

  5. Love how God uses all walks of life to tell how much Jesus loves us, I’ve heard other true stories of this very thing! Don’t worry about what people say Andy, they will always have something to say neg. my daddy went through a bunch of that, he even ended up in jail in Placervile till grandma West could get there to get him out, for just being honest, I’ll never forget that ordeal, framed, and by Gods Grace case dismissed!

  6. Isn’t it sad that someone can be perceived to be evil because their appearance isn’t what someone has decided a Christian should look like? Some if the most evil people to ever live were ‘normal’ looking. Even Satan is beautiful.

  7. The problem with this article, and Lady Gaga’s statement, and all of the comments left on this blog post is that God does NOT love the world unconditionally. Yes, He loves all of us, but He cannot condone or accept our sinful behavior because He is HOLY and PURE and SIN IN ANY FORM DISGUSTS HIM! We therefore need to come to the Cross, accept Christ’s blood sacrifice to pay for our sins – all of which DEMAND the death penalty – and promise to love and follow Him instead of the lusts of our own wicked flesh and hearts!

    Lady Gaga uses her many talents and powerful music to cajole people into following the lusts of their heart, and into acting in unseemly and disgustingly dark, sexual and perverted ways. She and most other top music artists glorify sexuality, sensuality, and lust in all of its most debased forms, and say nothing about the true nature of Jesus, or how His message of love, forgiveness and acceptance can ONLY be had when we SURRENDER our own lusts at the foot of the Cross and choose to follow Him by abandoning our old, worldly way of life.

  8. Well said, Andy. Lady Gaga has a tremendous voice. It is so said that people stood outside picketing. I am also ashamed that we do not always give unconditional love. I, too, have been guilty of that. I believe that unconditional love is always a work in progress for us. Jesus, please continue to show us the way.

  9. I get the point of the article, but if you saw “God hates fags” signs – that is Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist church gang. They are far from being Christian. It’s a family of lawyers seeking to cause a reaction so they can sue people, cities and/ or police. They also protest at burials of fallen soldiers. They are utterly despicable.

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