Are You A ‘Kingdom’ Person? Part 1

Maybe you’re not sure how to answer the question. That’s OK. I”ll be writing a series over the next few weeks and defining what I would call a ‘kingdom’ person. You might decide early on that you are….or you might decide that you’re not. No pressure from me but how you answer the question might just dictate how fruitful the rest of your life will be, from a spiritual standpoint. I will promise that by the time the series is completed you’ll know beyond the shadow of a doubt whether or not you’re a ‘kingdom’ person.

There’s always been a lot of talk around the church about what God used to do. No doubt, whatsoever, that stuff is extremely important. There’s also always been a lot of talk about what He’s going to do in the future. Likewise, very important stuff. I have a strong feeling that if we’re not careful we’ll find ourselves suspended between what He used to do…..and what He’s going to do. Relative to you and I, a great question would be, “What’s God doing today?”

For starters a ‘kingdom’ person has great respect for what God has done in the past and great respect for what He’s going to do in the future but refuses to be suspended and ‘stalled out’ between the two! A ‘kingdom’ person has a keen understanding that God is up to something BIG in our generation and desires to be a part of it! A ‘kingdom’ person is not content to stand around and wait for something to happen. They want ‘in the game’.….and they’re willing to be led by the Holy Spirit to find their place of anointing (supernatural ability), and responsibility. A ‘kingdom’ person is aware of what the Father’s doing now!


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