We’re “A Work in Progress”

We’re being ‘conformed’ into the image of Jesus….individually, and corporately. At least that’s what the Bible says. By that we know that the Father wants to nurture us into spiritual maturity. When I look at ‘where’ I am today and then look at Jesus it becomes extremely obvious that I have a long way to go to be like Him. I’d say the Father has His work cut out for Him! But, take heart…..He’s in it for the long haul and there’s no doubt about it…it’s a lifelong process.

The tendency for us in the church today is that we reach a plateau and our spiritual growth and maturity just start to flatline. I’ve been pastoring for, going on, 27 years and I’ve encountered this more than I’d like to. Church people, oftentimes, don’t continue the maturing process. When that happens they stay in a mode of childishness….which causes all kinds of problems….both for them and the church, as well.  Paul, in his letters, addressed this more than once, “By now you should be teachers…but you still have need for someone to teach you”. And, “I’d like to feed you solid food (the deeper truths), but you’re still on milk”. Those attitudes are prevalent in the church today and those stuck, by their own unwillingness to move on, in an infantile mode need to be told to ‘get off the tit, and grow up’!

Kingdom people, on the other hand, realize that they’re a ‘work in progress’. It takes a long time to be conformed into the image of Jesus. They learn to resist the temptation to just settle in and they won’t let themselves get comfortable in those ‘plateaued’ seasons. It does take some effort to rise above mediocrity…..but ‘kingdom’ people are willing to do it!


2 thoughts on “We’re “A Work in Progress”

  1. Great blog, Andrew. Your Godliness is above reproach. Your writing eloquence is impressive for a ranch raised, “wild as the wind” cowboy. Please give us the scoop on those early year teachers that obviously had a great influence in you and your path.

    • Wow! I’m humbled by that, Jerry. Thank You. Well, I had some good raisin’ at home. I’ve always been a ‘reader’ and I just try to write in the ways that say it like I like to read it. Nothing fancy….and I’m still learning Thank you for reading them…and your feedback!

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