A ‘Voice’ or an ‘Echo’ ….. Which Are You?

The Christian community, and how it functions, is an interesting phenomenon to say the least. There has been one fad topic after another, seems like, for the 30+ years that I’ve been learning to walk with the Father. The most recent that I can think of is the “Blood Moons” prophecies that surfaced within the last couple of years. Now, first off, I’m not saying that all these fad topics are not valid or important, because obviously some of them are. Some are not! “88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be in 1988”,  immediately comes to mind.

What’s amazing to me is how the rank and file of the Christian community jumps all over these things and for awhile that’s all they talk about. I had several pastors talk to me about the “Blood Moons”. They were totally obsessed with it. That’s OK, I guess, if that’s your ‘cup of tea’.….but it’s not mine. I’ve never been too quick to jump on that train! I think a lot of the time leaders get their focus on these things because they don’t actually have a ‘word’, or a mandate from the Lord. I’m not trying to cause trouble here but it’s an observation that’s proven to be true over the years.

If leaders don’t have a strong desire to hear the Lord and communicate that, they’ll be looking for anything coming down the pike to pass on to the people. In this critical time I believe God is looking for those who will be a ‘voice’ of what He’s saying rather than just an ‘echo’ of what everyone else is saying!


4 thoughts on “A ‘Voice’ or an ‘Echo’ ….. Which Are You?

  1. Lots of people are WAITING for Jesus to come back. So… They are looking up. I believe Jesus is waiting on us to finish our work. You can’t do that looking up.
    Matthew 24:14

  2. Great word, Andy! I’ve walked with the Lord over six decades…been in alot of churches and heard just what you wrote about.

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