There’s a Charge For Extra Baggage

Wasn’t too many years ago that the airlines started charging for extra baggage. In most cases you can have one bag…but if you have any more than that you’re going to pay another twenty-five to fifty dollars. Even though I don’t travel all that much (I’m a ‘home boy’. I do have to travel some, but I’d just as soon be home!) it ticks me off to have to pay that extra fee!

I was thinking about that and it occurred to me that in life we are prone to carry a bunch of extra baggage. We’ve all made monumental mistakes with our lives and we could easily carry that baggage around with us from now on. Some do.

I’ve got plenty of bags I could pick up and bring along with me. Failures, mistakes, wrong decisions, broken relationships and the list could go on and on. I’ll grab one of those bags of my own from time to time and pack it around for awhile…but it never seems to do me any good.

We should take into consideration that God doesn’t hold those things against us, therefore….neither should we! We’re forgiven! His Word says that, “old things have passed away, all things have become new”! We need to give us a break and forgive ourselves!

You can bring along your extra baggage if you’re determined to do it, but It’s going to cost you! “Cost me what?” you say. It’s going to cost you some sleep; some peace, some contentment and some joy in life. If those things aren’t important to you…..then load ’em up! The more bags you bring along, though, the more it’s going to cost you!

I say let’s leave the extra baggage behind. We don’t need it anyway!


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