“The Way I See It” – After Three Months

The year is 1/4 over with!! My Blog, “The Way I See It” is three months old. Below are some interesting numbers. I’m posting this on the weekend because I’m told that some people who are new to the blog take extra time on the weekends to ‘go back’ and read many of the previous posts. At any rate, it’s been an enjoyable three months. I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts and I hope they’ve been helpful to you! If that’s the case, please “LIKE”, “SHARE” …….. and pass the word!

Here’s the numbers:

3 – The number of months I’ve been blogging

55 – The number of blog posts

4,300 – Followers

6,140 – Visitors

13,277 – The number of ‘Views’

The Top Ten Viewed Blog Posts:

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1 – Lady Gaga, Little Monsters & Jesus

2 – VIP #1 – Booger Bryant

3 – Branson to Cherokee – The Longest Night I Ever Spent

4 – Reflect & Refocus #1

5 – The Truth Does Not ‘Set’ You Free

6 – “Obviously, I’m God’s Favorite!”

7 – What Are You Saying to Yourself?

8 – “Be Present!”

9 – “Be Who You Are!”

10 – Laugh a Little…No Make That a Lot!

A Few of My Personal Favorites:

You May Not Know This, But I’m Kind of a Big Deal

“Loosen Up, Sandy Baby!”

Why I Think Cowboys Make Good ‘Hands’ For the Lord


7 thoughts on ““The Way I See It” – After Three Months

  1. I love them all but still have favorites. 🙂 Thank you for the time that you take to write them. I forward them to several people and they appreciate them too.

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