“Be Who You Are!”

This one’s critical, and it can be extremely elusive. We’re created in the image of God; that’s pretty amazing if you think about it! And of all the people on the planet…there’s no two of us alike. The problem is that everything, and everyone, around us is trying to get us to conform to certain behavior patterns and expectations. All these things have the potential to skew and alter our true identity. But the Father has created us to be exquisitely unique…..and to lose our true identity, I believe, is a serious thing in His eyes.

God told Abraham to, “Get out of your country, from your family, and from your father’s house.” I doubt those things were bad, in and of themselves, but God wanted Abraham alone with Him so He could reveal to him his true identity. Your environment, your family and your generational way of thinking has formed you and shaped you, much like Abraham. God began to say things to Abraham that would re-shape him into the man that God had destined him to be. He wants to do the exact same thing with you and I.

The secret to our true identity is hidden in the Lord and we’ll never know ‘who’ we really are until we start to relate to Him as Father and engage with Him relationally. The things that God says to you forms you and shapes you into who you’re supposed to be. If you don’t ‘know’ the Father….you’ll never know ‘who’ you are!

Why is your true identity such an important thing? If you don’t know who you are….chances are great that you won’t be doing with your life what you’re supposed to be doing! Be who you are!!


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