We Oughta Get Our Ducks in a Row!! Part 2 – Marriage

01 May

Obviously, (or at least it should be obvious) getting our spiritual life in order should be first on the list of getting our priorities in proper order.  After that, our family should be the very next  priority in order of importance. Problems arise within families when friends, jobs, hobbies or other activities get in the way. None of those things are unimportant….but they’re not as important as our family.

When setting family priorities in order it’s important, again, to get first things first. Many parents would argue that their children are the most important in the family relationship scheme but I totally disagree. Children are extremely important….but the best thing you can do for your kids is to work on, and shore up your relationship with your spouse. A happy husband-wife relationship is a good guarantee of a healthy home. There’ll be plenty of challenges but when that relationship is in tact, you’ll feel like you can conquer any obstacle.

My experience and observation through the years is that if we’re not doing something to strengthen our marriage, the general conditions of life are slowly eroding the quality of our relationship away. It’s not hard to do but I believe we need to be intentional when it comes to our marriage. We have raised 5 incredible kids and life was extremely busy when they were all in the home. You can have every good intention to spend quality time with your spouse but if you don’t plan for it, it probably isn’t just going to happen. If you’re not careful you might go years without giving your spouse the quality time they need. Your husband/wife does not need the leftovers!! And that’s what happens more often than not.

Fix it! Schedule some quality time together. Have a ‘date night’. Arrange for someone to watch the kids. Block out the distractions and focus your attention on one another. Have some meaningful dialogue; make eye contact and express your love toward one another. Be affectionate toward, and intimate with one another. It’s an investment that you’ll never regret!



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3 responses to “We Oughta Get Our Ducks in a Row!! Part 2 – Marriage

  1. Judy Cox

    May 1, 2015 at 11:45 am

    Andy, I sure agree with this blog as I set here and can barely see thru the tears. Dickey and I both loved the Lord and our family. .we had 58 great years together and I’m missing him so much. Everyone needs to spend as much time enjoying each other while you can.

    • Andy R Taylor

      May 1, 2015 at 6:46 pm

      I totally agree Judy! You and Dickey were a great example to hundreds of others! Way to go!! Think of you often, and always send a prayer your way!

  2. 777aliehs

    May 2, 2015 at 8:47 am

    Amen, Andy!!! Marital strife is a very painful experience, so marrying a person of faith and making that relationship the first relationship after Jesus is key to family success for sure!!! 🙂 Kids placed first can raise havoc to a marriage!!! Yikes!!!


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