“The Way I See It”

Hoping that the “Reflect & Refocus” Blogs were a blessing to you! There’ll be some new blogs headed your way. I’m going to mix it up some. I’m starting with the first of a series that I call “VIP”;  It’s about a rodeo friend that left a mark on my life years ago. You’ll like the Blog! There’s a good number of people who have had a profound influence on my life, some directly and some indirectly, and some that I just admire. There’ll be some rodeo stories coming up too, from that part of my life. I’ll be writing about relationships, some leadership issues, things I’ve learned about being a pastor, a dad, a grandfather and just some issues of life things!

I hope you’ll take the time to go to the Blog Page @ http://www.andyrtaylor.com and click the “Follow” link. You’ll get an email every time I make a post. If you find some that you especially like, “Share” them and pass them along to your friends and family. I’d really appreciate your feedback so add your comments if you have the time!

Thank you so much for joining me on the ‘journey’!!


2 thoughts on ““The Way I See It”

  1. Forwarding these to 5 people each and every time. They are enjoying it and have thanked me for sharing. Thank you Andy, your influence in our lives will be forever.

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