Reflect & Refocus #23 – “Let’s Get Going!”

After 23 days of “Reflect & Refocus” I’ve changed quite a bit in a positive way by just applying my own advice to my behavior and conduct. I hope these R&R blogs have helped you as well. I encourage you to revisit some of them from time to time. As I said at the beginning, it’s not a lot of ‘new’ information but mostly just a reminder of some things that we may have already known but have somehow let them slip by the wayside. I know its been good for me…..and for the most part it hasn’t been any kind of huge shift but change has happened in a lot of small increments and adjustments. I think it works!

So, let’s get going! If you just started following my blog, “The Way I See It”, I’d encourage you to go back and read the earlier posts, all of them if possible. I really believe they’ll help you. *(which is the only reason I set out to do the blog in the first place!). Make some comments if you find a couple that really ‘speak’ to you, and hit the “Share” link so your FB and Twitter friends can benefit too.

It feels like we’re building a ‘little family’ (maybe not so little!) as we move along and that really makes me feel good! Many of you that ‘Follow’, I know….but there’s also a bunch that I don’t know and it’s humbling to me that you would take the time to read the posts. So it just feels like we’re all in this together.

I would encourage you to apply all the things you’ve read to your life, that’s what I’m trying to do. But don’t stop there….use those things that you find working for you to encourage someone else. That’s a lot of what true Christianity ought to be about.

“Get Going! ………..and have a Great 2015”

Here’s a link of all 22 ‘R & R’ Blogs to help keep you focused! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Reflect & Refocus #23 – “Let’s Get Going!”

  1. As i read your daily blog… i continue to “forward” it on to our two sons cole and clay… they are young adults … 1 starting his family and1 is getting his masters at Tech…. I grew up close to your hometown of Allison.. Im originally from Canadian,… I was a Schafer… 😉 however, ( dont hold that against ) ive grown so much as a christian.., and your daily blog contributes to me trying to be one on a daily basis… Thank you for sharing daily, it keeps us in line…. ( so to speak.)..
    Sandra Young

    • Hey Sandra! I was pretty sure that was you! Thanks for the feedback and thanks for taking the time to read ’em! Glad they’re helping. I have a Clay and a Cole myself + a Clint, Cade and Cameron (daughter). Do you still live around Canadian? I went to all the playoff games and saw a lot of old friends. I give Lyndsay hell every time I see him. We love the Schafers!! Keep in touch!

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