Reflect & Refocus #22

How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

#22 – “Love!”

Love never fails! We’re born with an inherent need to love and to be loved. After all, we’re created in the image of God. And God doesn’t just have love….He is love! Giving and receiving love is what we’re created for but it also presents some of the greatest challenges that we’ll experience in our lifetime. In our lifetime we’ll have plenty of those in our immediate ‘circle of influence’ who are not easy to love. In fact, I really think the Lord arranges that so we have a chance to experience what it takes to love them. Add to that the times that we feel unloved, ourselves, and the mental anguish it brings with it.

We’ll never understand the actual meaning of ‘true love’ until we’re exposed to the love of the Father. His love is the real kind! It’s not conditional, it’s not superficial, it’s not given only when we do good, it endures! The purpose of our existence is that the Father wanted someone to be the object of His attention, His blessings and more importantly, His love. That’s why we’re here! 

Religion has it somewhat out of whack in my opinion; we have a ‘religion induced’ mindset that says, “Do good, God’s glad; Do bad, God’s mad”. we demand that people love God before they’re ever exposed to His love. I say we’ve got the cart in front of the horse on that one. I encourage people to engage with Him relationally, interact with Him….and I never worry whether or not they’ll love Him or not! What’s not to love?!

As we’re consistently exposed to the love of the Father, we’ll begin to love like He loves; It’s what the whole world is looking for. You’re going to need the help of His Spirit, Who’s always there to help.

“Love!!” You can do it!! I’m not saying it’s easy, but I am saying it’s ‘do-able’!

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