Reflect & Refocus #17

How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

#17 – “What has the Lord said to you?”

When I set out to start my Blog I wanted to put out information that I knew would be helpful to those who took the time to read it. And, starting I wanted to mix enough of the practical with the spiritual to make it palatable for everybody. So, seventeen blogs into the journey it seems critical to refocus again on the spiritual aspects so we don’t allow those things to go by the wayside.

What has the Lord said to you? That’s probably the very most important question that I could ever ask you. Being a church leader, and especially in the Bible Belt, people expect you to hear God for them. And I agree to some extent that part of my responsibility is to hear God for the ‘House’ (the church) and to the best of my ability communicate clearly what He’s saying. But that doesn’t take the place of each of us engaging in relationship with Him and interacting on a regular basis. Remember……He’s Father, and Father’s want to talk to their kids…especially this One!

I want to tell you, straight up, that the Creator of the Universe wants to talk to you. You’re important to Him, even beyond what you can understand! And His love for you is immeasurable and He wants every opportunity He can get to show you!

So take the time to interact with Him. Don’t make it complicated, keep it simple. Talk to Him just like you’d talk to your very best friend. And then listen. He wants to give you directions for your life. Remember now, that God is not limited to speaking with an audible voice. He has hundreds of ways that He speaks. Here are a few: Through the Bible, through other people, through your circumstances, dreams, visions, words of knowledge, words of wisdom, by the ‘still small voice’.

So, listen up!! Then by faith take what you hear and begin to walk it out! Your life will take on a whole new meaning!

4 thoughts on “Reflect & Refocus #17

  1. I love the blog! I had gotten a few days behind but am now caught up. Since I subscribed to the blog and now receive the updates in my email, I haven’t commented. I clicked on through Facebook today and can see others’ comments as well. I’ve heard some of the messages before on Sundays, but being in this format reading it instead of hearing it has been really good. Thank you for taking the time!!!

    • Thanks so much, Jan! I’ve been enjoying doing it. I started out with this because I’d already taught it and it made it easier for me to get into the mode of writing daily. I’m about 2 weeks ahead of what’s posting. Thanks again! AT

  2. AT,
    You get critisized for repeating yourself but thats what I appreciate most about you. Ive heard this from you so many times and it still is good for me to hear. Some of us need to hear it over and over for it to be settled in our heart, I might not be as spiritual as others so thanks for being who you are and doing it the way you do. Haters gonna hate, keep it up.

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