Reflect & Refocus #16

How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

#16 – “Declutter”

OK, maybe this one’s just for me only….but I’m willing to bet there are others out there who need to a little decluttering as well!

The desk in my office was stacked with ‘important’ stuff! But I was getting deeper and deeper in paper, personal notes, phone numbers, books, etc. It’s all stuff that I know I’m going to look at again, information that is important (or at least I thought it was when I added it to the stack!) But in an effort to take some of the advice I’ve been giving you the past few weeks I decided to go through the small mountain of extremely important stuff. 

I discovered that these things must not be as important as I once thought they were; I had a few things on my desk that had been there for a couple of years. I know…..embarrassing, huh? And there was a considerable number of things that I couldn’t remember why in the world I would have saved them in the first place. So, I started the ‘culling’ process. I went through every single piece of information  on my desk. It took better than an hour. I sorted the things in several little piles. It wasn’t long before my trash can was full and I could almost see the top of my desk.

The further I went, the better it felt. I ended up with one little stack of paper, notes, etc. These things actually were important. I was able to bring to closure several things that probably should have been dealt with months ago. That felt good! But the best thing was that it gave me a very good feeling….like I had actually accomplished something important. All of a sudden I had a much better attitude; it put me in a good mood. No more being intimidated by the huge stack of, somewhat useless, information.

What do you need to ‘declutter’?? Maybe like me, it’s your desk; could be your garage or your car, or closet. Whatever it is, ‘declutter’ and you might have a whole new frame of mind!

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