Reflect & Refocus #18

How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

#18 – “Don’t Get Sidetracked!”

My pretty daughter Cameron called me from college a day or two ago. She’s excited about pursuing a career in fashion design. I’m excited with her. As you might guess I don’t have many contacts in the fashion industry. I’m not exactly a ‘slave to fashion’, if you know what I mean; I’m way ‘behind the curve’! But through a friend of a friend we did get a name and a number of a person in California who is in that field and were told that she would be willing to communicate with Cameron and give her some pointers. They talked over the phone briefly and agreed to talk again in a day or two. So, Cameron was calling me because the person had not returned her recent calls and had not responded back via email, and Cam was asking me what she should do. My advice was: “Whatever you want to do in life, you have to be persistent.” I know that from my own experience.

Anything worthwhile is going to be, in most cases, a monumental challenge. There are going to be plenty of hurdles, obstacles, setbacks, etc. So if you’e going to achieve what you’ve set out to do you must keep your ‘eye on the prize‘, so to speak. Countless thousands of people get sidetracked from their dreams and I don’t think it has to be. Here are a few thoughts to keep you moving ahead:

1) There’ll be plenty of opportunities for discouragement; know that these things are a ‘fact of life’. Don’t stay in that discouraged state! Learn how to navigate through those times.

2) Deal with Negativity! Most every success story was preceded by failures and setbacks. The truly great people not only learned how to deal with negativity, they somehow used it to their advantage and in some bizarre way it motivated them. Figure it out!

3) Regularly recall/remember how excited you were when you set out on the adventure. Ask the Father for help. Recapture that feeling and move on!

*There’ll be some huge challenges but don’t give up on your dream! You’re created to be an ‘overcomer’!! You can do it!

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