Reflect & Refocus #9

How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

#9 – “Get Where You Belong!”

Much of my “Reflect & Refocus” Blog is not new information but just a fresh reminder of those things that you’ve heard many times before. What does make it a little different is that I’m approaching it largely from a spiritual standpoint. I’m a firm believer that our lives are going to be only as successful as our spiritual life is fruitful. If that’s true (and you must decide that for yourself) then one of the critical issues is: “Where do I belong?”

I didn’t grow up in church; from the time I was born until I was 30 I had probably only been in a church 15 or 20 times, funerals included! So I had a perception that all churches were alike; I thought it was, ‘just choose your flavor’ and that’d be fine. I now know different.

If the Father actually does have an intricate plan for your life then where you go to church seems to be a pretty important part of that scenario. Since you can’t find that answer in your bible you’ll have to go to Him so He can direct you. It’s something that should be prayerfully and soberly considered.

1) Look for the gentle direction of the Holy Spirit

2) Is the church ‘alive’? *(you can feel it; and it really can’t be faked)

3) Are they speaking your language? *(you’ll find that you can relate to the message)

4) Do they encourage you to be in a relationship with the Father?

*There’s a lot more to consider but these will get you moving in the right direction!

When you get where you belong, you’ve taken a giant step in positioning yourself to fulfill your destiny!

“If God has your heart he can get your feet where they belong”  AT

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