Reflect & Refocus #8

How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

#8 – “Gain a Sense of Destiny”

I’m constantly reminded by the Father that I have a ‘destiny’! His word says, “The sum of our days have been written down”. I think most everyone believes that God has a meticulous plan for their life. And while the bible has many of our answers, generally speaking, the specifics can’t always be found there. Important things like who you’re to marry, where you’re to live, what job you’re to take, and the list goes on.

The Father has ‘sealed’ up many of those things for this amazing reason; He wants to reveal those things to you Himself! That can only be done through engaging in a personal relationship with Him! And I promise you; you’re going to love Him for this. He wants to reveal Himself to you so you’ll ‘know’ Him….and not just know about Him.

In that context you’ll begin to have a sense of your own destiny and that’s an extremely powerful thing! When you get a glimpse of your destiny it has a profound way of keeping you/your life on course. There’ll be plenty of obstacles but because of your destiny (which, by the way is bigger than you can imagine!), you’ll get back up and get moving forward again!

*Get relational with the Father! As you do that your destiny will begin to be revealed and all of a sudden your life will take on the value that your Father has placed upon it!

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