Reflect & Refocus #10

How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

#10 – “Commit!”

I’ve said many times before that missing your destiny is the 2nd worse thing that could ever happen to us. Of course, ignoring or rejecting the attempts of the Holy Spirit to draw us to the Father, and missing salvation would obviously be #1! When I’m talking ‘destiny’ I’m not necessarily talking destination. You might ‘make’ heaven but still miss your destiny here.Your destiny is never just about you! It always includes other people who are in the path of your destiny; people who the Lord intends to touch and influence through your life and testimony. It’s a tragic thing but I’m concerned that a lot of people are going to miss the real reason they’re here!

In my last blog post, “Get Where You Belong”, I stated how important it is to gravitate toward that spiritual family (church) where God has ordained for you to belong. That’s a great start in the process of fulfilling your destiny. Just being there is one thing…and that’s at least a little progress. But at some point we should consider ‘committing’ to the cause, so to speak.

If the church is a ‘body‘ as Paul so simply explained, then we’re all ‘body parts‘. And, just as there are no unimportant parts in our physical body…there are also no unimportant parts in this mystical body called the Church! Let me spell it out; When you get where you belong you’re a critical part of the function and life of the church. And, if you’re not functioning……then the whole Body suffers because of it!

Fulfilling your destiny requires you putting your hand to the plow! Commit to: 1) Personal spiritual growth.  2) Find your place (areas of gifting and anointing).  3) Take your place in the Family (the church).  4) Take on responsibility as any mature family member would.

When you commit, your entire life will begin to take on a whole new meaning! .……and you won’t miss your destiny!

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