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Doves, Vapor Trails and 555

Those three things have a lot in common. Well, I should say, they have a lot in common for me. I’m sure you’re wonderin’ what in the heck they could possibly have to do with one another.

About ten or twelve years ago I felt like the Lord was directing me to ask the proper people if we could pray over the Beckham County Courthouse. Well, after a phone call or two we found out that we had permission to do just that. That’s pretty amazing in itself if you think about it! We took a team of people in there after hours and prayed over every inch of that courthouse; every office (a couple dozen, at least), two courtrooms, the judge’s chambers….everything! When we finished up and everybody gathered up outside…the most amazing thing happened. I looked up and there were vapor trails forming a perfect cross directly over the city of Sayre! I mean, it was almost too perfect! I took that as a sign from the Lord that something very significant had happened inside that courthouse…and would set the tone for everything  that happened there in the future. That was the first time that I had noticed the vapor trails. Since then I’ve noticed them no less than a hundred times over our area…and many times forming a perfect cross. Call it what you want…but I call it a ‘sign’ from the Lord!

Then it was the doves. Biblically speaking, doves are symbolic of the Holy Spirit. I started seeing them everywhere, and at the most peculiar times. Anytime I had something pressing on my mind, anytime that I was under extreme stress and pressure, anytime that I couldn’t see my way out of a situation….there were the doves. And they appeared in such a way that there was absolutely no way I could miss them. Those sightings, many times, give me just the shot of encouragement that I need. Others started seeing the doves at similar times in their own lives. It’s really no strange thing to see a dove….but the timing on these sightings was uncanny, to say the least! To me, it’s as if the Lord is saying, “Easy, son….I got this!” Again, call it whatever you want…but I call it a sign!

If you study numbers in the Bible you’ll find out that the number ‘five’ is the number for grace. That’s a good number! Occasionally you’ll see the number fifty-five…also a good number. And, then there are those times that you’ll see the number 555! Almost every day I’ll see that number. More often than not it’ll be on my phone as it shows the time. I, somehow, just happen to turn it on at precisely 5:55! Just this week I stopped at the cleaners to pick up some shirts and the number on my check….#5555! Coincidental? I think not!

You may write this all off as hocus-pocus; I really wouldn’t blame you if you did. But, for me….I totally believe it’s the Lord in His magnificent, amazing and mysterious way saying to me, “I’m here….and I’ve got it all under control!”

He’s probably doing it for you too, if you’ll just look around!

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The Elusive Definition of Grace

I’m a ‘grace man’! I’ve been talking about grace publicly for at least 29 years. It’s definitely one of my very favorite subjects to talk about. And even though grace has been an integral part of everything I’ve done since my life ‘made the turn’, so to speak, in 1984…I don’t consider myself to be any kind of authority on it. I know a lot about grace. A lot of that knowledge has come from reading about it in the Bible. Very valuable ‘information’ to say the least! But it’s easy for me to say that I know a lot about grace…..mainly because I’ve experienced a lot of it!

There’s a number of good definitions out there for grace. I’m sure you’ve heard some of them. “The unmerited favor of God”; that’s a good one…and I totally agree with it. An acrostic that others use goes like this: God’s Rewards At Christ’s Expense”. And while ‘unmerited favor’, and ‘God’s Rewards…’ are great definitions, for me, they fall short in defining grace when it’s experienced by those needing it the most.

I’ve tried a few times to come up with my own definition of grace but always end up somewhat frustrated. I think that’s because I don’t have the vocabulary to adequately define grace and it’s effect and positive repercussions in my life. And, seriously,  I’m not sure anyone actually has a broad enough vocabulary to define the incredible, profound (but extremely simple too!) treasure that we call grace! ….and in some fascinating way….I think the Father likes that!

I think it comes down to this; For those who’ve never actually experienced grace personally….it’s an easy word to define. But for those of us who’ve received a lot of it…..we’re still looking for the words that can adequately explain it to someone else!

Jesus was the perfect embodiment of grace; grace in the Flesh! Grace is there for you! It’s there in, and for, every situation in your life. Embrace Him……and experience, firsthand, this ‘thing’ called grace. I think you’ll agree with me….the definition of grace is very elusive!

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