It Ain’t Grace’s Fault!

I’ve heard several definitions of grace; God’s ‘unmerited’ favor’, seems to be the one most often heard. I guess I agree with that except for the fact that it just seems to come up short. When you’ve actually experienced the Father’s grace it’s hard to find enough words in our vocabulary to adequately define it. All I know is, grace is GOOD! It’s a huge part of the nature of God….and if He has His way it’ll be a huge part of our nature as well! 

Grace has recently become an extremely controversial subject.…and I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why! The accusations fly toward those who talk grace from those who say that us ‘grace people’ are saying that you can just go out and sin all you want. Never said that; never even thought it! Accusations fly from those who want to stay connected to the ‘law’, indicating that we need to do something to complete the work that Jesus Himself said was “finished’!

Most believers want to keep us ‘tethered’ to the Law but those who teach/preach a ‘mixture’ of law and grace….aren’t preaching grace at all! The ‘religious’ people in Jesus’ day couldn’t receive grace; “too good to be true” they contended. And it’s the same argument today. An accurate understanding of grace always leads to less sin, it never leads to more sin! The subject of grace is having a ‘polarizing’ effect in the church today. And it’s very critical as to which side you find yourself on?

You can blame it on the person who uses grace as an opportunity to sin; you can blame it on a ‘skewed’ understanding of what grace really is; you can even blame it on the selfish person who just wants to ‘use’ the Lord to further his own cause, you can argue that it’s too good to be true. But whatever you do, don’t blame grace! It ain’t grace’s fault!


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