A Long Ways From the Lord

Awhile back I was right in the middle of telling my story (my personal testimony). And, something I’ve said a dozen or more times before in that process, all of a sudden, took on a whole new dimension. If you’re a regular reader of mine you’ll remember that I didn’t grow up going to church. In fact, by the time I was thirty, I probably hadn’t even been in a church more than a few dozen times, funerals and all. I will say that even though our family didn’t go to church we were definitely brought up right. We were taught things that everyone really should be taught. Things like working hard, telling the truth, being true to your word, giving value to people and treating ’em all with dignity. Those are pretty valuable things…..we were just kinda missing some of the spiritual stuff. But, thinking back, Mom and Dad somehow imparted to us that God was real…….and that He was good! I didn’t learn that at the church house but, somehow, I knew it! I’ve always known it!

In giving my testimony I said, “We were a long ways from the Lord”. Like I said earlier in this post, I’d said that a dozen times or more but this time when I said it I heard that familiar, still, small voice of the Lord quietly say to my spirit, “Yeah, Andy…..you might have been a long ways from Me…..but I was never far from you”! It got my attention and really struck me in a deep, deep place. I knew that it was the voice of the Lord…..and I knew that it was true. 

I’ll bet there are a lot of people out there who, like me, think they’re a long ways from the Lord. But I want to go on the record, here, and tell you……..He’s not far from you!

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