I’m Just the Messenger

This story is one that I’d never heard my entire life until I was almost 40. I remember vividly the day my Mom told it to me. It touched me in the deepest place possible….I think you’ll understand.

My Mom & Dad had tried to have kids but it had resulted in a couple of miscarriages and the loss of a baby girl that’d be two years older than me. They were living in Canadian, Texas and my Mom was pregnant with me and having major complications. She’d been told by the doctor to stay in bed and not do anything strenuous for the duration of the pregnancy. There was a knock on the door one day and a little lady was there who asked my Mom if she could come in and pray for her. She said yes and the little lady came in the house and prayed for her. After she prayed she said to Mom, “Now, you’re going to have this baby and it’s going to be OK. It’s going to be a little boy….and he’ll be God’s messenger.” The little lady left and Mom never saw her again. She asked a couple of people in town about her and was told that she was just some crazy little ‘religious fanatic’ and to not pay any attention to anything she said, or did.

I first heard this story several years after I’d already said, “Yes” to the Lord but the news of it came at a time when I really needed some encouragement and the confirmation helped me to keep moving on.


3 thoughts on “I’m Just the Messenger

  1. Yes when I first moved back. Someone told me you were preaching. I was living in Elk with two girls who was going to a different church cause i hear great youth program. They were picking them up. Incident happened with Msrys bladder and the eomsn wouldnt take them any more. So I got a job with no weekends and i told the girls were going to go here Andy preach at first they didnt want to try another church. We drove to that small church with maybe 40 people were there and listened to Andy preach and I loved it & my children loved him. The people were alot of people I knew growing up there. We were so blessed. Julie became one of my dearest friends and prayer partners. I never missed the womens bible study. Years later movrd bavk to tulsa. But I think of those days with love.

  2. That’s an encouraging story. At first I thought the woman was an angel in disguise, but upon reading the entire story I believe she was totally human just walking in the prophetic and obedience to the Lord…a very brave lady to walk counter to the main stream.

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