“What’s The Lord Telling You?” Part 1

I put the title in quotation marks for a reason. And the reason is, is that particular quote is one I’ve used at least a hundred times. And if the truth were to be known….actually hundreds of times!

In a Wednesday morning prayer time about 10 years ago I felt I heard the Lord saying to me, “Andy, there’s a shift in how this works; normally people move to an area because of a job and then they find a church….but I’m changing that for ‘here’! I’m going to bring people in here from all over…and I’m going to give them a job; some will come and stay, some will come and go back where they came from, and some will go to other places and start fires!”

*My understanding of that is that they’d start fires like the one He started here; ‘kingdom fires’, fires of something simple yet profound, fires of something real and authentic that would appeal to people of all kinds….especially to those that the ‘religious’ church might have scorned and rejected…and the people that nobody else wants; fires built around relationship with the Father; and eternal fires that are sustained, and kept burning by loving others unconditionally!

When I heard that from the Lord I did what I encourage others to do when they ‘think’ they might have heard Him. “Say it….and pray it!” So, we said it and prayed it and it started to happen. People began moving in here from all over; Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mexico, Columbia, Canada…. to name a few. And, true to His word (as He always is!), some came and stayed and some came and went….and the fires are glowing in places all over, now!

Oh, and by the way….those people that the Lord said would come……they’re still coming! 

Part 2 – “What’s The Lord Telling You?”Coming in a day or two

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2 thoughts on ““What’s The Lord Telling You?” Part 1

  1. Funny thing about them fires Andy talks about here. I am from Texas and moving to Oklahoma was the farthest thing from my mind. There is a pride deal that goes along with Texas and Oklahoma. We Texans make fun of “Okies.” I didn’t want to be an Okie! However, Andy started speaking this and Father started speaking to Jeanne (my wife) and me. We loaded up and moved. We were what Andy calls the first fruits of this movement. We fell in love with western Oklahoma. I stilled claimed to be Texan cause it is only 25 miles to the state line!!! Anyways, we moved and caught the fire. The fire is warm and consumes every part of your being. The love that Father breathed into us is beyond measure. We were home for the first time in our lives! Our spiritual home. Then Andy kept speaking-some will go back home and start fires. That wasn’t me. I wasn’t coming back to Texas. We had faced some really hard times in our marriage and other relationships and to come back and face all of our junk was out of the question. I fought Father for more than a year about this. He finally won over, though. The scariest thing I have ever done in my life was leave the warm burning fire of the Father at home in Sayre, OK and go back to a place that is in the wilderness and has no fire! It has been 7 years now. We are still a little unsure about being away from home but we know that He spoke to us. We know and have faith that He is still preparing and nurturing us to do a work. We aren’t quite sure what it is yet. The embers within us from the fire have dimmed somewhat but they are still burning. Praise Jesus for the internet and webstreaming, but it cannot replace the atmosphere of being loved on. Anyways, as Andy says here, we prayed what Father spoke to him and Father produced. I guess I am sharing all of this to say that if Father is speaking to you about picking up and moving to Sayre, OK, DO IT!!!!!! He will work out the jobs, kids, and life. Maybe you will be there a week. Maybe a month. Maybe 4 years like us (He had lots to iron out in me. Jeanne can attest to this.) Maybe you will get to stay. I promise though that you will be forever changed in a way that you would never fathom!! Thanks for sharing Andy. Sorry for writing book. We love and miss you all!!! Keep praying for our fire!

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