Making Sure That ’16 Is Not Just ‘Another Year’!

I nearly always get excited at the advent of a New Year. The possibilities are really unlimited as to what we might encounter in the 12 months in front of us. And it seems to me as the years go flying by that what’s important to me is to take advantage of the right opportunities and to make it a year of growth, progress and advancement.

Here’s some practical tips to help make sure that 2016 is not ‘just another year’.

  1. Assess ‘Where You Are’
    • Reflect and Refocus – Glance back at 2015 and identify what worked for you….and what didn’t. Learn from those things, don’t dwell on the negative….and move on. (*My first blogs were a series titled, “Reflect & Refocus”. *(Click the highlighted link to get started with #1 then follow the others)
    • Be honest with yourself about ‘where you are’
    • Do a ‘spiritual’ inventory.
      • How’s your prayer life?
      • Are you committed to growing spiritually? *(You’ll only ‘get out’ in proportion to what you ‘put in’)
      • Have you embraced your destiny? *(God’s plan for your life)
      • Are you in the process of ‘finding your place’?
  2. Set Some Goals 
    • People who set goals always accomplish more than those who don’t!
    • Make them clear; Be realistic; Track your goals
    • As believers we should arrive at our goals based on what we believe God has said to us
  3. Get Better at Managing Your Life 
    • Time
      • Monitor your social media time
      • Get in control of your time
      • Learn to say “No”
      • Don’t overcommit
    • Finances
      • Get obedient in your giving
      • Invest as you are able
      • Be sensible with your spending
      • Be careful with debt
    • Resources
      • Are you using ‘what you have’ efficiently
    • Health
      • Do something to benefit your health
        • Exercise
        • Cut back on sugar
        • Drink more water
        • Don’t eat the ‘whole’ pie!! lol
        • Just do something!
    • Work smarter

God has an intricate plan for your life. These are things that will help you in the process of having your greatest year ever!


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