Day #9 of the “Zombie Apocalypse”!!

False alarm!! I don’t watch those Zombie shows….doesn’t interest me in the least. So, why the blog title, you ask?? Because I look exactly like those Zombies right now. My eyes are nearly swelled shut, the whites are blood-red. They look like two pee holes in the snow!!  I’m flat-out scary lookin’!

Here’s the story: I went to bed Saturday night a week ago fine, woke up the next morning with my right eye swelled nearly shut. Wasn’t too painful, just itched a lot. My regular doc was out of town for the week so I went to my regular eye doctor. Prescribed some antibiotic drops and I started on them immediately, said to come back in a couple of days if I wasn’t better. I’ve had ‘pink-eye’ before and the antibiotic drops knocked it out nearly overnight. Not this time! Two days later….twice as bad. On top of the eye problem I had funerals to do on Wednesday and Thursday. Called to try to get worked in at my eye doctor…..he was gone and out of the office for the rest of the week!

By day 5 it was now in both eyes and getting worse. A lot more painful and not able to see very good at all. Talked to my doc on the phone and he prescribed an oral antibiotic. I figured that would do the trick. Two days of that….still getting worse! By then it was the weekend. Can’t get much done on the weekend. Couldn’t make church on Sunday, totally miserable all day. It felt like someone was gouging me in the eyes all day long. Well, as you know it was Labor Day weekend! Not seeing the Dr on Monday. I’m scheduled to see a couple of them this morning, day 10.

All this eye stuff got me to thinking about some of the teaching I’ve been doing lately. 1 Corinthians, chapter 12 talks a lot about the physical body, comparing it to the ‘spiritual body’, the church. All our ‘body parts’ are important, in fact there’s not one single of our body parts that aren’t extremely important….and needed. I’ve never had much problem with my eyes but when my eyes are adversely affected…it severely affects how my whole body functions. Now, think about it….you are also a ‘body part’ in the Body of Christ. If you’re ‘under the weather’, (like my eyes) the whole Body is affected in a negative way. Or, if you’re just not functioning (doing  your part) .….you’re affecting how the Body operates. It’s a win-win when you ‘get in your place’ and start to do your part. You win…..and the Body wins!

So, if you see me in the next couple of days and I look a little scary…..don’t run. It ain’t a Zombie!  It’s just me! Throw up a prayer if you think about it….and I hope to see you soon!  **I hope to SEE anything soon!! lol


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